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Published: 21st February 2011
Views: N/A offers a Best range of shoes, sandals, footwear school shoes, bellys , Men’s footwear , slippers which make your dressing different and unique. Just think of those different styles, shapes, constructions, decorations Fashion in expressed in different ways gender, age, economic strata and social echelon of its wearer. Fashion can facilitate or hinder comfort health and ease of movement. It reflects cultural ritual, morality and sexual liberation. It responds to foreign influences, political turmoil, economic stability and artistic sensibility. Lancer footwear manufacturer in India researches the latest scientific developments and technological innovations as per as footwear is concerned. It is influenced by popular culture and leading personalities.

"You can tell a person by the shoes they wear"

Considerations for Selecting Running Shoes

• Purchase running shoes from a specialty store or from someone knowledgeable about matching the correct type of running shoes based on your foot type and stride pattern.

• Try on shoes later in the day when your feet have swelled to their maximum size.

• In selecting the correct size of shoe you need, be sure that there is approximately a half-inch of space between the front of the shoe and your longest toe.

• Bring to the store where you plan to purchase your new running shoes the type of socks you normally run in.

• Analyze the need to purchase running shoes based on the number of miles your old pair has on them. Do not base your need for new shoes by observing how much tread remains on the outer sole. The mid-sole of many running shoes break down at 400 miles (or earlier depending on a number of factors) and offer little or no protection after that period of time. It is important to keep in mind that running shoes provide the first line of defense against the potential of injury. Current prices of shoes and bags may be giving shoppers everywhere a serious case of sticker shock, but it can hardly put a damper on fashion lover's zest for accessories of all kinds. Provides latest footwear for you want as per style is concerned. In today's volatile economy, classic shapes and styles are becoming must-haves. Five essential types of shoes and handbags are all any woman needs to take her to and from work, lunch, parties and beyond.

ves. Five essential types of shoes and handbags are all any woman needs to take her to and from work, lunch, parties and beyond.

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